3 Little Hebrew Boys and the Big Bad Wolf the Books

$14.99 - $30.00

The Story

Three Little Hebrew Boys And The Big Bad Wolf, is a new and refreshing biblical spin on a beloved classic fable. Follow Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as they fight the good fight of faith and learn the value of love; the strongest force against evil. This story is jam-packed with biblical nuggets, scriptures, and a teaching guide to help you take the story off the pages and into your hearts.

The Coloring and Activity Books

The 3 Little Hebrew Boys and the Big Bad Wolf Coloring and Activity Book is a unique and one of a kind coloring and activity book. Like everything in the 3 Little Hebrew Boys family, it's all about fostering creativity through education. With that mission in mind, this coloring book offers children the opportunity to recreate the 3 Little Hebrew Boys story in their own words and to color the pictures as they see fit. All of the games and activities have been created with biblical and cultural relevance to include a full Aleph- Bet tracing sheets.